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Made2Measure-LeatherWorks; Bespoke leather pet products, all hand made and stitched by myself, a qualified Cordwainer in the UK. Catering for beasties both large & small. Specialising in dog collars and leads, horse bridles and headcollars. 



I am Hannah the creator of Made2Measure-Leatherworks. 


I achieved my City & Guilds, level 2 Cordwainers Diploma at  Capel Manor College in 2010. Here I learned how to make leather saddles, Bridles and Harness by hand, which is a dying art due to mass production in modern industry. 
I have taken these newly  acquired skills with me and combined them with my creative side and love of design, to make some unique collars and bridles. I enjoy using all kinds of vivid colours to make something a 'bit different' and special, but its not all bling, I also make a variety of more traditional items.
 The Made2Measure element came in to play through my own frustration as a horse and dog owner.
"Why are cheek pieces always too long!" , "Why does my fully grown dog need 15 holes on her collar!"
When I found out I was not the only one with these problems I incorporated this into my work and indeed it is such an essential part of my working ethos it became the brand name. 
The interest in my products has been overwhelming and I have enjoyed developing them . So have a browse around the site and take a peek at the beautiful dogs and horses I have already kitted out, this shows you the products at their best. Also if you use facebook take a look at my page 'made2measure-leatherworks' as it has all the up to date designs !!
 All products you see are hand made by myself, using english bridle butt leather, and silky goat skins or soft buffalo/ cow hide for the padding.
Happy viewing, look forward to hearing from you soon..